Monday, March 19, 2007

raft assignment 3-19-07

RAFT 3/19/07

My Spring Break

Sick of listening to lectures, and sitting in little desks with a space bubble of 1 foot. Watching the clock. DING! DING! DING! School's out! SPRING BREAK!

On spring break my friend (Rachel), her dad (John), her sister (Shannon), and her cousin (Elyn) were going up to Missouri. Rachel got to invite whoever she wanted, and I was the lucky winner! We stayed at a golf resort in Branson. I don't like to golf, but it had a nice pool/ hottub. The weather was much warmer over there than here, I got to wear shorts!! Branson, Missouri is a really cool place, its filled with mini shops, go-carting places, sonics, motels, old people, and they have a really cool segway place. We went go-carting, and went to sonic alot. (Because sonic is awesome). We didn't go to the segway place because it looked lame and you have to wear helmets. Then we hung out with this kid named Kris that goes to Tartan and moved from Missouri, who just so happened to be in Missouri the exact same week as us! We rode his horse, drove his tractor, and played on hay barrels. Hillbilly heaven.
My spring break was alot of fun.

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