Thursday, May 3, 2007


Attention Getter:
-From stealing materials at the mall, to stealing lives on computers. Identity theft is spreading all across the country.
- 1. What is identity theft
2. What are victim's lives like
3. my opinion
- Transition to thesis: Identity theft is a widespread issue that is continually expanding.

paragraph 1
- What identity theft is topic sentence.
- explanations of it

paragraph 2
- Different kinds of identity theft
- explain phishing

paragraph 3
- how identity theft is spreading
- supporting quotes

paragraph 4
- how it ruins victims lives
- supporting stories and quotes

paragraph 5
- my opinion first sentence
- reasons why thats my opinion
- my own story of identity theft

- restate thesis: Identity Theft seems to be an addiction to civilians all over the world.
- review on main points:
1. what is identity theft
2. what are victims lives like
3. my opinion- the gov. needs to police it more. Also they need to give more consequences
- clincher: quote about identity theft

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Annotated Bibliography #6
Author: Brian Krebs
Special to The Washington Post
Friday, October 29, 2004; Page E05
Article: Identity Theft Suspects arrested in Translantic Sting

28 people have been arrested for suspicion of operating websites that is made for identity fraud. 21 people in the US and 7 in 6 other nations were caught by "Operation Firewall" trying to create and use identity theft websites. Countries other than the US such as Belarus, Canada, Sweden, and the Ukraine hosted internet websites under the names along the lines of Shadowcrew, Carderplanet, and Darkprofits. Since the United States had the most frauds they created the operation. The people who were accused of this crime were thought to have bought or sell about 1.7 million stolen credit cards. 100 websites and chatrooms based on credit card and identity trafficking were found by MasterCard Incorporations. It isn't a very hard thing to do. Having a computer, and some brains, can completely ruin somebody's life.

Annotated Bibliography #5

article: Identity Theft Happens Mainly in America

Since 1990 the U.S has been relying on numbers to confirm who a person is. Especially credit bureaus. They have been always relying on social security numbers to determine a persons identity. Someone's social security number can be traced or bought over the internet. It is very simple to obtain. Some identity theives change the address on the victim's credit account because credit bureaus are not required to send a notice before activating the new address, so they won't. In Europe and Australia do not virtually have identity theft. "Outside the U.S.A, my impression is that identity theft is very uncommon," said Roger Clarke, a long time privacy expert in Australia to PRIVACY JOURNAL. " There have been only half-a-dozen reported cases in Australia over a period of quite some years." Like many american trends, identity theft has migrated itself over to Canada. Although there are barely any identity frauds in Australia and Europe. The amount of identity theft is increasing in number.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Annotated Bibliography #4

Author: Aaron Larson
Article: What is Identity Theft?

Identity theft is also known as identity fraud. Its when somebody steals somebody elses information mostly to obtain more money or to use their money to buy things and not have to pay the bill. The most vulnerable people to get targeted by identity theft is college students. Grades are still posted by social security number and many don't closely monitor their financial accounts. Which makes them the easiest target. Businesses can also be targeted. Businesses find many unpayed bills, unknowing of where they are from. Victims of this theft often have alot to recover from. They need to go through a great deal to get their credit records back up. In extreme cases theives pretend to be the victim. Getting identification cards, bank accounts, loans, and jobs by using the victim's name. Which can also make it very difficult for the victim to get a job, or renting an apartment. But there is a slight way to prevent this. Which is by getting "identity theft insurance". Many people can get this as an option while going through their homeowner's insrance policy. Using the "identity theft insurance" system it is easier to find the theft and to clear up the credit sooner.

Annotated Bibliography #3

Author: John Leland
Article: Identity Thief Often Appears In Family Photos

A man named Eric Wagenhauser was divorced for 5 years before finding a new wife. He shared custody of his 3 children with his former wife. He later found out that his ex-wife had been applying for 9 credit cards under the kids names and social security numbers. For the following year he was involved in many police work. Which is very common for people who have got their identities stolen. Most theiving starts in their very home. Alot of identities are stolen by own family members and friends. Kids also steal parents identity to buy drugs. Siblings will steal eachothers identity to avoid arrest or debt. By the time that Mr.Wagenhauser found out about what his ex-wife was doing. It was 5 years too late. By then the mother had created bad credit for all of the children. Which really affected their future because they won't be able to rent appartments, get a student loan for college, or buy a car. People need to be more aware and look for signs of identity theft. Now that the children are older and they don't understand why this happened. They blame their father for putting their mom in jail along with everything else they want to deal with. The family is still paying off the debt, and still dealing with the afterworks of their mothers fun.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Annotated Bibliography #2

David Siegfried
Booklist Publications Feb 1, 2007
Article: Stealing Your Life: The Ultimate Identity Theft Prevention Plan

A man named Abagnale used to make his living by identity thieving. He forged checks and impersinated others, which caused him to have a crazy lifestyle. Fascinated by his ways motionpictures made a movie called "Catch me If you Can" which was inspired by Abagnale's old ways. Lately Abagnale has been working for the FBI and has been helping protect peoples credit. He explains how easy it is to open bank accounts and trash credit cards. Since he has alot of experience in Identity Theft, he is a big help in preventing this crime.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Annotated Bibiolography #1

Fetterman, Mindy
USA Today
Jan. 13, 2005, n.p.
Article: With Fears of Identity Theft Rising, Personal Shredding Goes on a Tear

About 7 million people have had their identities stolen in the past year. Nanny's and other self employed workers are most at risk. Only because when they are hired they are asked to give their credit card number and other personal information. But when the employer gets rid of the information they just throw it. They should be shredding it or disposing of it in a way that it won't be able to be read. Shredders should become a common household item just like a washing machine.