Thursday, May 3, 2007


Attention Getter:
-From stealing materials at the mall, to stealing lives on computers. Identity theft is spreading all across the country.
- 1. What is identity theft
2. What are victim's lives like
3. my opinion
- Transition to thesis: Identity theft is a widespread issue that is continually expanding.

paragraph 1
- What identity theft is topic sentence.
- explanations of it

paragraph 2
- Different kinds of identity theft
- explain phishing

paragraph 3
- how identity theft is spreading
- supporting quotes

paragraph 4
- how it ruins victims lives
- supporting stories and quotes

paragraph 5
- my opinion first sentence
- reasons why thats my opinion
- my own story of identity theft

- restate thesis: Identity Theft seems to be an addiction to civilians all over the world.
- review on main points:
1. what is identity theft
2. what are victims lives like
3. my opinion- the gov. needs to police it more. Also they need to give more consequences
- clincher: quote about identity theft

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