Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Annotated Bibliography #6
Author: Brian Krebs
Special to The Washington Post
Friday, October 29, 2004; Page E05
Article: Identity Theft Suspects arrested in Translantic Sting

28 people have been arrested for suspicion of operating websites that is made for identity fraud. 21 people in the US and 7 in 6 other nations were caught by "Operation Firewall" trying to create and use identity theft websites. Countries other than the US such as Belarus, Canada, Sweden, and the Ukraine hosted internet websites under the names along the lines of Shadowcrew, Carderplanet, and Darkprofits. Since the United States had the most frauds they created the operation. The people who were accused of this crime were thought to have bought or sell about 1.7 million stolen credit cards. 100 websites and chatrooms based on credit card and identity trafficking were found by MasterCard Incorporations. It isn't a very hard thing to do. Having a computer, and some brains, can completely ruin somebody's life.

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