Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Annotated Bibliography #3

Author: John Leland
Article: Identity Thief Often Appears In Family Photos

A man named Eric Wagenhauser was divorced for 5 years before finding a new wife. He shared custody of his 3 children with his former wife. He later found out that his ex-wife had been applying for 9 credit cards under the kids names and social security numbers. For the following year he was involved in many police work. Which is very common for people who have got their identities stolen. Most theiving starts in their very home. Alot of identities are stolen by own family members and friends. Kids also steal parents identity to buy drugs. Siblings will steal eachothers identity to avoid arrest or debt. By the time that Mr.Wagenhauser found out about what his ex-wife was doing. It was 5 years too late. By then the mother had created bad credit for all of the children. Which really affected their future because they won't be able to rent appartments, get a student loan for college, or buy a car. People need to be more aware and look for signs of identity theft. Now that the children are older and they don't understand why this happened. They blame their father for putting their mom in jail along with everything else they want to deal with. The family is still paying off the debt, and still dealing with the afterworks of their mothers fun.

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