Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Annotated Bibliography #5

article: Identity Theft Happens Mainly in America

Since 1990 the U.S has been relying on numbers to confirm who a person is. Especially credit bureaus. They have been always relying on social security numbers to determine a persons identity. Someone's social security number can be traced or bought over the internet. It is very simple to obtain. Some identity theives change the address on the victim's credit account because credit bureaus are not required to send a notice before activating the new address, so they won't. In Europe and Australia do not virtually have identity theft. "Outside the U.S.A, my impression is that identity theft is very uncommon," said Roger Clarke, a long time privacy expert in Australia to PRIVACY JOURNAL. " There have been only half-a-dozen reported cases in Australia over a period of quite some years." Like many american trends, identity theft has migrated itself over to Canada. Although there are barely any identity frauds in Australia and Europe. The amount of identity theft is increasing in number.

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