Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Annotated Bibliography #4

Author: Aaron Larson
Article: What is Identity Theft?
url: http://www.expertlaw.com/library/identity_theft/identity_theft.html

Identity theft is also known as identity fraud. Its when somebody steals somebody elses information mostly to obtain more money or to use their money to buy things and not have to pay the bill. The most vulnerable people to get targeted by identity theft is college students. Grades are still posted by social security number and many don't closely monitor their financial accounts. Which makes them the easiest target. Businesses can also be targeted. Businesses find many unpayed bills, unknowing of where they are from. Victims of this theft often have alot to recover from. They need to go through a great deal to get their credit records back up. In extreme cases theives pretend to be the victim. Getting identification cards, bank accounts, loans, and jobs by using the victim's name. Which can also make it very difficult for the victim to get a job, or renting an apartment. But there is a slight way to prevent this. Which is by getting "identity theft insurance". Many people can get this as an option while going through their homeowner's insrance policy. Using the "identity theft insurance" system it is easier to find the theft and to clear up the credit sooner.

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